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What else have I written on MovieBabble lately? A third exploration of Tubi TV.A third collection of interesting short horror movies on YouTube.And my opinion on the two trailers of Tenet. More coming up soon!

YouTube’s Best Short Horror Movies: Part 2

As always, you can read my review on the website of MovieBabble. Click here!

A Second Exploration of Tubi TV

And as you can see, I have finally seen Train to Busan! Check out what else I have discovered here.

More Reviews

It's about time that I update this site again! I have been very busy with the travel website and since we have limited travel possibilities in Spain now, I have also been on the road. Without further ado, here are my reviews that I wrote for MovieBabble! Quite a nice Spanish thriller: The Silence of … Continue reading More Reviews

10 Years of The Human Centipede

It's 10 years ago that Dutch director Tom Six surprised us with The Human Centipede. Or should I say: shocked us? Disgusted us? And does the movie still have the same impact? Read my analysis on MovieBabble here.

Sergio (2020)

A new week and a new review! Check out my article on MovieBabble!

Tigertail (2020)

This is a gem of a movie on Netflix. Read my review on MovieBabble here.


First of all, an explanation of the title. There are lots of vloggers who like to buy mysterious boxes on eBay and especially on the dark web. When the box arrives, they will open it and have a look at its contents. They film this whole procedure and then put it on YouTube. And that's … Continue reading Unboxing

Piggy (2018)

Apart from movies that combine horror with (black) humor, I love supernatural horror movies as well. But about a week ago, I saw a short horror film that was quite creepy without involving anything supernatural at all. Presenting: Piggy by Carlota Pereda. Like many of you (I presume), I have spent a lot of time … Continue reading Piggy (2018)

Mark of the Devil (2020)

Time for another review! This time I wrote an article about a Mexican horror movie. Check it out here on MovieBabble.